Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mega Pharma.....

So here goes my first attempt to “blog” I have thought about it numerous times but was just not compelled enough to venture into this new world.

Well the news of recent days in the industry I specialize in, the pharmaceutical / biotechnology industry has compelled me to try.

The economic climate and merger as a solution mentality has now created what I am terming Mega Pharma. These new companies will be too big to be simply be called big pharma.

Will these new companies bring drugs to market more efficiently? Will they only focus on blockbuster drugs for large patient populations? Will those who suffer from orphan disorders see even less compounds in development? Will creativity and science be lost to provide pathways of development?

And as a search professional I wonder will they move further from a model that appreciates the value one key person can add to the team. When talent acquisition in many large companies becomes more like the purchasing of staples, the value of critical staff is lost.

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