Thursday, June 11, 2009

10 tips to prepare for an interview

10 tips to prepare for an interview

In a tight job market, gaining an advantage on your competition is crucial. Here are some proven methods to distinguish yourself from the next candidate.

1.Research the company. Review their website; look at recent press releases, financial information, etc. Review the job details. If you are working through a recruiter, make sure they provide you with a job description, qualifications, and who you will be interviewing with. Also, ask them for any specific tips or advice about the meeting. They often have insights based on their relationship with the company.

2. Bring additional copies of your CV and be prepared to take notes. Take notes throughout the interview so you can reference them during a second interview or follow up.

4. Dress professionally. Even if the day-to-day dress code is more casual, wearing business attire is a must for the initial interview.

5. Arrive about 10-15 minutes early

6. During the interview:
-Be courteous to everyone that you meet; including security and administrative staff. Your interview begins as soon as you drive into the parking lot.
-Be thoughtful and concise with your answers. If you need to take a few seconds to digest the question before answering it, you can repeat back the question.
-Maintain eye contact. Looking around the room or at the floor can give the impression that you are either not confident in your answers or not interested in the process.

7. Sell yourself. This is the time to present your case for why this company should hire you. Discuss specific achievements, projects that you have led, deals that you have closed, changes you have implemented, etc. Always be truthful and prepared to show the value that you can bring to the team.
8. After the interview:

Send everyone you interviewed with a “Follow-up” note or email. Make sure the note/email is brief and conveys that you appreciate their time and are interested in moving to the next step. Try to use specific things mentioned during the meeting.

9.Be patient. We all want instant gratification after an interview, but the process takes time. Hiring manager’s will often discuss interviews with other managers/employees. This can take time…especially if managers travel or if there are other candidates to interview. If you found the position through a recruiter, follow up with them. They will get feedback for you ASAP. Being patient can be tough part when you are looking for a new job but it is necessary.

10. At this point, you have prepared properly, performed your back on the interview, and have sent a follow-up note. RELAX!
Interviewing for new opportunities can be a stressful situation and sometime is skill set different from the position you are interviewing for, but if you follow these steps, you have given yourself that best opportunity to get the position!

Good luck!

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