Sunday, April 5, 2009

Career Management in 2009

Below is a link to a timely article from Fortune Magazine titled: How to get a Job.

It speaks of the need to be proactive if you do have a job even one you really enjoy; you should build a network in your field and develop a relationship with 'headhunter' in your space.
It also pointed out that in according the Bureau of Labor Statistics, while 2.5 million people were laid off in January 2009, 4.4 million new workers were hired (numbers not often mentioned on CNN or CNBC)
David Perry of the executive search firm Perry-Martel International cautioned people to remember that in a recession many companies go stealth when it comes to hiring, that vast amount of positions maybe even as high as 90% are in a hidden job market.

Please feel free to share your views....

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  1. Managing a career is ongoing. It's always up to you to judge where you want to go with your career