Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Utilizing your Medical Degree outside of Clinical Practice

I often speak with physicians who have come to a point in their career were they feel the practice of clinical medicine is not their life’s career path.
They struggling to deal with this, to deal with the emotions of having obtained so much training and then feeling like their career is not what they thought it would be.
Well, there are lots of ways to use a Medical Degree outside of the practice of traditional clinical medicine and it is shame alterative career are not spoken about in most medical school. Many times an alternative career path can allow you to effect more patients, transform the way entire populations are treated, pioneer new treatments, have a better work/life integration or save more lives than would have ever been possible “practicing” medicine.

Over the years I have referred a number of physicians to a book that speaks to this struggle; Leaving the Bedside….
(Leaving the Bedside: The Search for a Nonclinical Medical Career)

Many have told me they found the book helpful if nothing else than it make them feel not so alone. I am hoping to share this on a broader platform to encourage physicians to find a career that they are passionate it about.

Please feel free to share your thoughts or experiences……..

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